Custom Bikes

Sumptuous Bikes "a la carte"

made by Tour de Suisse

You can choose to get the same bike as everyone else.. or not !

Thank’s to our collaboration with a Swiss manufacturer, we can offer you great quality and truly customizable bikes.

Hundreds of options to choose from. We will guide you step by step through the process of getting the exact bike you want, with the help of our configuration tool. We can discuss with you all the advantages of each option.

How does it work ?

  1. First things first, we choose the bike type, city mountain, trekking, regular or electric Then the frame type and its transmission method (belt drive, chain drive… ).
  2. There are several models to choose from for each frame type.
  3. Then you will choose a standard or custom color for your bicycle, and a female or male version of the frame.
  4. It’s now time to choose between the options that are available for each bike, like the size of the frame, brakes, gearing, and accessories like lights, mudguards…
  5. The bike will be built and finely adjusted to your fit before your enjoy your first ride.

Custom your Tailored Jean Brun Bike

directly In-Store


Choisissez la couleur de votre cadre parmi 40 coloris


Choisissez parmi une multitude de pneus selon votre utilisation


Choisissez parmi un large choix de guidons


Choisissez parmi une multitude de matières, couleurs et conforts de selles différents